Flaming Heck, It’s Flaming Pyramids!i

FP box top final.png

Flaming Pyramids – Cheeky Parrot Games (Kickstarter Launch July 2018)

Cheeky Parrot game is the brainchid of Julia Schiller from Auckland NZ.

Flaming Pyramids is a tile laying game of pairs and numbers, with some interesting bonus mechanics that can be used to make the game more challenging for older / more experienced  players.

One point I have to make as a reviewer is that I really appreciated Julia sending a cover letter with extra info including details about the company and plans for game development, as I received a prototype copy, that was awesome,.

Now onto the Game!


Number of Players – 2-6

Play Time – 10-20 Minutes

Age Recommendation – 8+ (Though younger children may understand the game and could be a fun way of helping with mathematic practise)

RRP Currently on Kickstarter for NZ $20 – NZ $30 dependent on pledge level

1.First Impressions Count

  1. On the table prototype                                                     2. Kickstarter Tile Backs Update

The design of this game is very eye-catching, although I have been sent a prototype copy I have been sent the images of the finished art work and it looks outstanding.

Definitely a game which I feel would stand out on the shelves.

As I stated before receiving a thank you cover letter from the creator was also a particularly nice touch, which I would like to think would continue onto Kickstarter pledgers.

The game will be sent in a magnetic clip close box which would defiantly be a plus, as if this is to be a considered a travel / small game the possibility of losing tiles to a dodgy box would have been a worry.

2. Out the Box Onto the Table

Two new tiles

Finalised Tile Designs Picturing both Colours and Weight detail 

The game arrived as a prototype with all the equipment needed to play, my first comment was on the reverse of the tiles having the company logo much larger than the game title, however I have not only been assured this is a place marker image but also Kickstarter pledgers can vote on one of several potential reverse tile images.

Personally I can see this going either way, great for those whoes vote wins, irritating for those who prefer a different image.

Perhaps a compromise of pledging extra for a choice of image on your own copy? However I am not sure how this would impact the manufacturing costs.

Set up was incredibly easy simple shuffle the tiles and remove the bonus tiles if preferred or playing with younger players.

The art work on the tiles is clear and eye-catching and fits with the theme and style of the box art, the tiles are a good size in that even as you are building the pyramid a large play space isn’t necessary.

We played very comfortably on our living room coffee table where as larger tiles / standard sized cards could have been an issue.

3. Them’s The Rules

KS update 2 tiles

Legal tile placement – Matching Colours and Weight of lower tiles  is greater than /equal to weight of upper tile being added

The rule book is very clearly laid out with the set up and examples being easy to follow, as well as talking through all sections of the gameplay.

The end section of the book was dedicated to the bonus tiles and their uses which meant you could read through and make the decision early if you wanted to use the extras or not.

The final section being a re-cap was great as although it is a relatively simple game to follow its always nice to have a turn break down as a handy reminder to make sure no player misses out on strategic opportunities, or indeed simply forgets to do something during their turn.

Their Kickstarter page also has a number of play through videos from various bloggers if there are any uncertainties on the gameplay.

4. Game On!


Tiles in play

The game is in its essence a tile laying game creating a pyramid based on colour combinations and weight limitations written upon the cards.

Tiles are placed in a pyramid style and after every turn you check for ‘Mayhem’ and ‘Collapses’, with a variety of colours and weights it is almost impossible to avoid collapses, once you have caused a collapse all the tiles involved are added to your hand. The aim of the game is to use up all the tiles in your hand to be declared the winner.

Simple thematic terminology such as ‘Building Regulations’, ‘Mayhem’, ‘Collapses’ and ‘Curses’ make this game more involving as you aim to cause fellow players to deal with a collapse from the mayhem you have caused.

The bonus rules of flammable materials (fire tiles) and having dry reeds as a basic card set makes for a nice visual touch… I can just imagine some hapless Egyptian accidentally dropping his torch and burning down the Great Pyramid of Giza!

Curses is another fun option which is essentially three tiles of a kind but generally adds another strategic opportunity for more experienced player.

We played several games each closely drawn out and had a lot of fun!

My only gripe and it is very small is that the moving of the tiles after a collapse was awkward, a game mat could be an option but then with building in several directions makes judging the scale challenging.

5. Another Game?


This is definitely a game we would play often, and is one I will be taking with me to game nights to introduce to new players and attempt on a larger scale.

The theme is something I can see appealing to a wide audience and it can be played by families member of any age.

The game is a available now through Kickstarter and definitely deserves to be produced.

In Short

For me this is a great family tile placing game… its a simple concept, well executed, yet can be as complicated and cut-throat as you want it to be.

The building of the pyramids and unleashing of mayhem is sure to entertain players young and old.

Solid Foundations From a Wonder of a Game.


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